Choose one of these specially designed arrangements Pickled Perfection Specialty Items.

One 32 oz. jar of Spicy Pickled Cauliflower

One 32 oz. jar of Spicy Pickled Eggs

Two 6 oz. jar of Basil Garlic

One 16 oz. jar of Pickled Red Bell Peppers

You will relish every bite when you add our gourmet Basil Garlic seasoning to your favorites dishes.  

The one of a kind taste is created by rehydrating basil and garlic in our Pickled Perfection brine.  

Caution:  May cause instantaneous drooling.

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Our savory Cilantro Garlic seasoning will amplify the flavors in any dish.  

The distinctive flavor of cilantro and garlic in our pickling brine is aromatic treat for your senses and sure to leave your tastebuds craving more.


Caution:  Known to be extremely addicting!

Two 6 oz. jars of Basil Garlic

Two 6 oz. jars of Cilantro Garlic

One 16 oz. jar of Kalamata Olives

One 16 oz. jar of Red Bell Peppers

These unique herb flavored garlics rehydrated in pickling brine are simply mouthwatering!

Gourmet Herb Flavored Garlics

Four 6oz. Jars

Pickled Perfection Spicy Pickled Products

This enchanting combination of rosemary, garlic,

and our pickling brine will charm your tastebuds.

This unique fusion of flavorful & fragrant is a remarkable experience your senses will not forget. 

Caution: One bite may cause incessant salivating.